• Richard BettI am extremely proud to be the President and CEO of the MCO Business Group. MCO has been in business since 1992 and we are constantly being innovative to offer our human resources and talent management services to government, agencies and the private sector.

    MCO has worked closely with Career Partners International (CPI), a unique corporate partnership of independently owned professional career management firms throughout the world. We want to ensure that we have the most current information in terms of methodology, and best practices in regards to human resources, in order to deliver our services efficiently and effectively to our clients.

    Our resources are leaders in their fields of expertise. I can assure you they can assist you with your Human Resources requirements, whether it's for business or executive coaching, consultation, retirement strategy and planning, career transition, outplacement, facilitation, individual assessments, speaking engagements or other HR needs.

    MCO is always looking for new challenges in the management field of Human Resources.


    Richard A. Bett, President and CEO


    MCO Business Group is a subsidiary of BEVA Global Management.