slide_03Since 1993 our programs assist individuals, groups, and families to prepare for a successful retirement by exploring and planning the financial, emotional, social and health aspects of retirement.

Preparation of the Pre-Retirement Training was developed by professionals, experts in their respective fields and delivered across Canada.

Our programs cater to both our public and private sector clients and include: 1, 2 and 3-day programs (Federal and Provincial Governments), customized group and one-on-one coaching.

In the past, Government of Canada departments and agencies would offer its employees Pre-retirement training taught by the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS). As CSPS no longer offers this training MCO is in a strategic position to offer its well known programs to various government and agencies.

MCO would like to share the information pertaining to its Pre-Retirement course:

Pre-Retirement Course Description


This training will be held over three (3) days (based on 7.5 hours/day; two fifteen (15) minute breaks and one (1) hour lunch). Note: The duration and content of this training can be modified to accommodate client’s needs.

General Objectives

The participants will:

• Gain un understanding of the implications of retirement on their personal life, social life, recreation, work, estate and finances;
• Take part in an a retirement preparedness assessment
• Set retirement goals and prepare action plans for successful retirement

Course Objectives

To create an awareness of the different aspects involved when preparing for retirement. Inform the participants of:

• Full coverage of pension benefits
PSSA (Public Service Superannuation Act)
• Financial Planning and Investments
• Wills and Estate Planning
• Health and Aging
• Psychological impact of managing the transition to retirement

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